Bijar 7'11'' X 11'0'' Hand-Knotted Wool Rug

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Bijar rugs are a particular style of Persian rug that is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and distinctive designs. Due to their thick, tightly woven pile, bijar rugs are frequently referred to as the "Iron Rug of Persia".
This pile is made utilizing a unique weaving method known as "wet weaving," in which the warps, wefts, and pile are all maintained at a constant moisture level throughout the weaving process. The wool swells when the rug is finished and given time to dry, resulting in a dense, compact fabric.
Additionally, bijar carpets are well-known for their vivid hues and elaborate patterns. Bijar carpets typically have the colors blue, red, and yellow. The patterns have a very Persian aesthetic, featuring popular Herati, Mina Khani, Harshang, and medallion motifs. Collectors and home designers both like to use bijar carpets. They are renowned for their elegance, robustness, and classic design. An excellent choice if you're seeking a fine hand-knotted rug is a Bijar rug.

Care Instruction

Swiftly attend to spills by gently patting them away with a pristine, snow-white sponge or cloth. For a thorough cleanse, enlist the aid of a professional cleaner. Elevate your rug's comfort and safety with a fitting rug pad, enhancing grip, softness, and resilience. Embrace the natural shedding process. Employ a vacuum with a gentle touch, opting for a beater bar-free model or adjusting it to accommodate your rug's plushness. Glide your vacuum methodically across the entirety of the rug, pivoting gracefully between sections instead of oscillating back and forth.


During transit (Shipping), if the texture of the rug will be pressed and there may be some visible creases. Please note that, this is not a defect and it should be unnoticeable after a few days.

All rug sizes are approximate, We have made every effort to display the colors of our rugs as accurately as possible, however the colors may vary depending on display types (computer/phone screen) and the physical lighting condition of your space"

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