Hand Woven Kafkas Kilim Wool Kilim Rug - 5'9'' x 8'10''

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Collection Kilim: Featuring the Kafkaas Kilim Design - Authentic Afghanistan Wool Hand-Knotted Rugs
Welcome to the Collection Kilim, now showcasing the Kafkaas Kilim design. These authentic Afghanistan wool hand-knotted rugs represent the pinnacle of traditional craftsmanship, merging the rich heritage of Afghan weaving with the distinctive aesthetics of the Kafkaas style.
Key Highlights:
Kafkaas Kilim Design: Immerse yourself in the unique and mesmerizing Kafkaas patterns, known for their bold, abstract motifs and vibrant color palettes.
Superior Afghanistan Wool: Crafted from the highest quality wool in Afghanistan, these rugs offer exceptional durability, warmth, and texture, showcasing the best of Afghan weaving traditions.
Masterful Hand-Knotting: Each rug is meticulously hand-knotted by skilled Afghan artisans, embodying the art of detailed and traditional kilim weaving.
Authentic Afghan Craftsmanship: Proudly woven in Afghanistan, these rugs capture the essence of Afghan cultural richness and the enduring legacy of kilim artistry.
Essence of the Collection Kilim:
Rich Cultural Expression: The Kafkaas Kilim design reflects a deep connection to Afghan traditions and the timeless art of kilim making, offering both aesthetic beauty and a narrative depth.
Robust and Colorful: Designed to withstand the test of time, these rugs are perfect for high-traffic areas, maintaining their vivid colors and structural integrity.
Aesthetic Masterpiece: Beyond their functionality, each rug serves as a decorative gem, enhancing any space with its sophistication and dynamic patterns.
Versatile Decor Piece: With their exceptional quality and unique design, these rugs beautifully complement a wide range of interior styles, enriching both traditional and contemporary decors.
Celebrating the Art of Afghan Weaving:
The Kafkaas Kilim design rugs from the Collection Kilim are not just floor coverings; they are a celebration of Afghan craftsmanship, history, and artistry, brought to life in wool for discerning interiors.
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Care Instruction

Swiftly attend to spills by gently patting them away with a pristine, snow-white sponge or cloth. For a thorough cleanse, enlist the aid of a professional cleaner. Elevate your rug's comfort and safety with a fitting rug pad, enhancing grip, softness, and resilience. Embrace the natural shedding process. Employ a vacuum with a gentle touch, opting for a beater bar-free model or adjusting it to accommodate your rug's plushness. Glide your vacuum methodically across the entirety of the rug, pivoting gracefully between sections instead of oscillating back and forth.


During transit (Shipping), if the texture of the rug will be pressed and there may be some visible creases. Please note that, this is not a defect and it should be unnoticeable after a few days.

All rug sizes are approximate, We have made every effort to display the colors of our rugs as accurately as possible, however the colors may vary depending on display types (computer/phone screen) and the physical lighting condition of your space"

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